Men vs Cosplay 2017: 365 Men of Cosplay

Created by Anabel Martinez

We’re celebrating the diverse and talented male costumers of the cosplay community with a beautiful 365 page-a-day-style calendar!

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Hidden Stretch Goal - Men vs Cosplay Enamel Pin Unlocked!
over 5 years ago – Tue, Jul 05, 2016 at 11:26:22 PM

Hi everyone,

While we didn't officially have any stretch goals, everyone's support has gone above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Getting funded is always a huge relief, and having some padding takes care of emergency costs that can crop up as well as surprise swag.

Well, surprise swag announcement time! :D I sent an enamel pin company Raven Cruz's t-shirt artwork, and they sent me this proof. I AM IN LOVE! All Kickstarter backers who pledge a shipped tier ($20 calendar tier and above) will get a pin in their package.

Thank you!


One more day to go!
over 5 years ago – Tue, Jul 05, 2016 at 10:28:09 AM

Cosplayer: Hybrid Cosplay | Photography: Chibi and Chub Cosplay
Cosplayer: Hybrid Cosplay | Photography: Chibi and Chub Cosplay

Hi everyone!

Thanks to all of you, we are funded with some padding for emergencies and extras! :D We still have one day left to fund, so if you need to make any adjustments to your pledge tier or apply an add-on, you still have time!

Spread the word!

Here are some posts to share if you'd like to help us spread the word on your pages/sites for our last day! :D


  • Awesome interview with Nerdvana!
  • FOX 10 News in Phoenix has requested us to talk about the calendar project LIVE in their studio this coming Sunday, July 10! :D I will be on TV talking with 8 calendar guys about what we've accomplished. If you are local, tune in at 7:45am for that! I'll also share a link afterwards!


Inbox question: Will calendars be available outside the Kickstarter for friends and family who haven't backed yet?

Yes! Due to the minimum order requirements from our overseas printer, we will have extras available outside the KS. I will send out an update and have a pre-order store link listed on FB and our main website. (T-shirts and postcard sets and surprise swag are exclusive to Kickstarter backers.)


Thank you all again, let me know if you have any questions! 


We just hit our goal! THE CALENDARS ARE HAPPENING! :D (With 3 days to go!)
over 5 years ago – Sun, Jul 03, 2016 at 05:51:56 PM

Cosplayer: Jason Isenberg of Pink Justice Cosplay | Photography:
Cosplayer: Jason Isenberg of Pink Justice Cosplay | Photography:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still have 3 days to go for anyone who needs to make a pledge adjustment, and to spread the word for people who would like to snag a 2017 calendar! Yesterday was CRAZY awesome, I saw just how hard everyone worked to spread the word and I really appreciate it!

Kickstarter ends: July 6

Next steps

After the Kickstarter officially ends, I will cover the BackerKit process for reward fulfillment surveys. :) We have a couple of options this year for certain tiers (postcard sets, t-shirt variations, add-ons). 

Spread the word! 

If you'd like us to help us spread the word on 3 days being left, I have this Facebook video post to share! And this "thank you!" post

How to add an add-on to your pledge

Got some messages, so let me clarify that really quick! :) The way Kickstarter is designed doesn't officially let you pick add-ons the way you pick pledges. What you do is "manage your pledge" and up your pledge by the add-on's amount. For example, let's say I want a t-shirt package but all 3 postcard sets. Well, the t-shirt set comes with 1 postcard set. At $45, I would add on 2 more postcard sets (+$10 for both) and adjust my pledge to $55 while still having the t-shirt tier selected. 

After the Kickstarter funds, Backerkit (the awesome service that is doing our surveys this year) will recognize the extra amount pledges and will walk you through selecting the exact add-ons you wanted.


Thank you to Sonoran Geeks for the awesome interview/article!


Have an AMAZING Sunday, and I will be posting some more updates very soon!


88% Funded! :D We are SO CLOSE!
over 5 years ago – Sat, Jul 02, 2016 at 09:02:17 AM

Hi everyone,

88% funded, 4 days left (ends July 6) - with 400 backers! 

You all have brought us this far! The Kickstarter ends July 6, so I'm trucking away this weekend to continue spreading the word so we can bring everyone an absolutely fabulous calendar this fall. :) *THANK YOU.* This calendar can't continue without everyone's help.

Add Ons

If you'd like an extra calendar, shirt, or postcard set, you can manually adjust your pledge by the extra amount listed below to any shipped tier. You will be able to select your add-ons when you get your survey after the Kickstarter ends. (For example, if you decided you want to collect ALL the postcard sets, you can do the "supporter" or "calendar + t-shirt" tiers, then add on 2 more sets.)

Cool things to share

Insider group!

We're having a vote in our Insider group right now on surprise swag for backers. :) Join the group and check out the poll to participate! The Insider group is an extra way to have discussion with backers and fans, because we're kinda limited on how much we can "chat" back and forth via Kickstarter sometimes!

Thank you so much! Talk to you soon!


One week to go! 67% Funded! :)
over 5 years ago – Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 02:40:28 PM

Hi everyone,

We're 67% there! :D We just pushed 10k with 300+ backers!

Cosplayer: Infinite Blu Cosplay with Spike | Photography: Mort Productions
Cosplayer: Infinite Blu Cosplay with Spike | Photography: Mort Productions

We have a new Kickstarter video, with background footage from one of our promotional shoots with Sam Mort, including the two guys (Justin and Spike) in the pic above! :) Hit the main Kickstarter page to check it out!

As we're in the last week of funding, let us know if you have any last ideas on how we can get the word out! :) 

I'm trucking away in anticipation of funding, because our 2017 edition is killer so far and I'm really proud of all the guys involved!

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